Fireman's Friend Wiping Skin
Fireman's Friend® Synthetic Chamois provides an area of 27"x17" of durable and Super drying power.  Fireman's Friend is made of PVA.  PVA is the secret that makes Fireman's Friend so absorbent, and safe for all surfaces from paint to pets.  Fireman's Friend comes with it's own storage container to keep it damp and ready to use at all times.  Fireman's Friend is resistant to grease, oil, solvents, and most household chemicals (avoid bleach and fabric softener). See our "Contact Us" section for more information.

Fireman's Friend Fiberglass Extension Pole

The Fireman's Friend Extension Pole is a sturdy Fiberglass & Metal extension pole.  The superior locking mechanism will steadfastly hold the pole in preset extended positions.  Guaranteed not to fail.  The extension poles are currently available in two sizes:  A 2-4 ft. extension pole, and a 4-8 ft. extension pole.  Use in conjunction with our Bi-Level or Wheel brush to quickly and easily clean any high or hidden places.



Ultimate Truck Brush
10" Nylon Bi-Level truck washing brush.  It's soft, durable, and ready to handle the toughest of jobs while reducing swirls.  Includes a standard thread hole to accommodate any type pole.  The truck brush has a large flow through block for use with wand type soap dispensing applications.  The 90 degree angle head enables you to clean every spot of your equipment.  Dirt does not adhere to the Nylex bristle making our brush easier to clean.

The Wonders of Wool
Our wash mitt is made from a non-abrasive blend of natural wool, polyester, and nylon.  The deep pile of our mitt encapsulates dirt which helps prevents swirls and helps remove soil and road film safely and easily.  It dramatically reduces hairline scratches.  The special acrylic cuff resists rotting and helps maintain its shape.  The natural wool retains moisture which helps washing large areas and limits buckets use.    Our wash mitt is machine washable, and is double stitched for added strength.  This product is essential for keeping your clear coat and dark color finish looking their best.

4 1/2" Wheel Brush

The Fireman’s Friend round wheel brush is a great way to clean tires, rims, wheel wells, instrument panels, as well as all small areas an average brush would find hard to reach. At 4 1/2”, being round in configuration helps protect against dings and provides a variety of options for various size poles. The Nylex fiber is abrasive resistant, flex resistant, chemical resistant and safe for all finishes. A great addition to your Fire Apparatus cleaning supplies.

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